Kaye College in the Media 2019

Kaye College in the Media 2019

December 2019

Sports- fundamental for improvement of social minorities

Dr. Shlomit Guy

Kaye College.


Sheva at Kaye College

A new exhibition about identity and estrangement, at Kaye college, opening on December 12 2019.

The artists from Sheva an activist art group that was founded at 2018 ,have routine artistic discussions.


The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

The Pisa trials results were published this week, with alarmingly poor grades.

They demonstrate the large gaps of educational achievements between Israeli children from different sectors.

Students from central Israel have the highest achievements and Bedouins from the Negev are very far behind.

One of the reasons for this, is the high turnover in the ministers of education in the past few years.

Lea Kozminsky



Students on the Autistic spectrum

Special program for Autistic students is built for their needs and also

helps them become part of the kaye college students union.


November 2019

Student card for students who are on the Autism spectrum.

Students from the “Social Academy” in Kaye College ( a program for students on the Autism spectrum)

Received a student card and gift from the students union, as the academic year opened.

A new art exhibition at Kaye college

An exhibition by the “Sheva” group, about identity and alienation.

Addressing people’s perception of themselves and appreciation of others.

The exhibition strives to describe feelings of being an outsider as a part of our identity.

Moran Spielberg

The program that may solve the reducing numbers of teachers in the south?

Southern cities suffer for many years from a decreased number of  teachers .

To solve this issue Kaye College in collaboration with the Misinstery of Education and some Municipal districts opened for the first time a program called:

” Transitions-Academic conversion to teaching in area based learning.” University graduates from Arad Mitzpe Ramon, Yerucham, and Ramat Negev districts.


Teachers low status is severe? The solution- deepening the faith in teachers.

Many teachers feel lately that the school and classrooms have become a battlefield.
This reality must be prevented as a part of the system,because it causes the deterioration of
teachers authority,and damages their motivation to be a part of the educational system.

Prof. Lea Kozminsky


The student union in Kaye College, opened this academic year with a special performance of Eden Hason.

Previously on the week before the show students enjoyed a special opening fair with differnet activeties and were introduced to some non-profit organization volunteer, as part of the KayeHila project.


Sirenes and media reports produce stress among children who seek rest and security from their parents who themselves are under some anxiety.


Dr. Roni Gan Langerman interviewed at South Radio
after the latest round of fighting.


September 2019

Education Minister Rabbi Rafi Peretz’s decision to prevent the use of smartphones in schools has been widely welcomed, but there are those who think the opposite. Dr. Meirav Assaf, head of the MA program for “Education in the Age of Information Technology” at Kaye College, says that children should be allowed to hold smartphones in school.


Want to be quality, professional educators who are up to the challenges of the 21st century?

Here you will find the best educational institutions in the south where you will find a wide range of training and specialization programs

for teaching studies in a variety of fields: preschool education, primary and secondary education , special education and more




Bedouin and Jewish students from Kaye College in Beer Sheva decided to take advantage of their semester vacation and embark on a journey between the various tribes of Israeli society as part of President Reblin’s “Israeli Hope” project




Following the sharp rise in homicides in the sector to 65 casualties since the beginning of the year.

We have spoken with a number of opinion leaders in the sector on ways to resolve

“All imams in mosques need to explain that it is against religion itself” “Our public wants to police to be sovereign,but also be friendly”





July 2019

More then 700 graduates recently attended the Kaye Academic College of Education Graduation Ceremony in Beersheva.

The graduates have joined the education system in Israel, and will lead it forward in the coming years.




 PeopleBroadcasting interviewing Dr. Ruthie Frankel on building a program with the children for the summer vacation.


Nurit Kochavi is a parent instructor and the head of the Parent and Family Center at Kaye College  , and all she wants is to let your child have freedom in the summer vacation.


If Bedouin citizens want integration, they must invest heavily in education




Calls for increased public awareness of early childhood education.

These are critical roles that require professional adjustment and training exams and appropriate remuneration.





The Kaye Academic College of Education in Beer Sheva recently held an honorary evening for the volunteer students under the College’s “Kay-Hila”  program in collaboration with the Student Union.




The behavior of a person throughout his life is determined by the actual values according to which he actually lived in the house where he grew up and what  happened in Cyprus reflects a very alarming picture of a loss.


June 2019

The determined model of the “Tomer” School in Be’er Sheva was distributed at the International Conference for Self-Guidance in the Netherlands,
in the presence of the world’s greatest lecturers and academics from all over the world.


She plows the world in the pursuit of sewage closures – from Papua New Guinea to Majdanek. Now she is launching an exhibition of all the sites she has crossed – in cooperation with “Aviv Water”.





Dr. Haim Dihi, Age :52, Occupation: Lecturer in Hebrew Language at the Kaye Academic College of Education and Ben Gurion University. Married to Ariella and father of Lior, Li-Ron and Roi. Resident of Be’er Sheva

Prepare a certificate for your children.  Fill it with love and write about the virtues of your child. You will strengthen them and have a peaceful vacation.





 Towards the end of the year, the children are on alert to receive their report cards and especially presenting them   to their parents. How do you dissipate this tension and accept the correct report card?





More than 700 graduates attended a ceremony for awarding degrees at the  Kaye Academic College.





May 2019

 It never occurred to me that I would go with education students on a journey to the death camps in Poland. But when I heard that a delegation of students and lecturers was organizing for Poland, I was one of the first to apply. I wanted to see everything I had heard and learned about the Holocaust.


 We spoke with the winner of the Arik Einstein Prize for Art, Israel Rabinowitz, second generation of Holocaust survivors, about the controversy over the Holocaust’s accessibility to young people. “If comics about the Holocaust are considered artistic works, why not Instagram?”





Schools located at a distance of up to 40 kilometers from the border of the Gaza Strip will receive an additional .25% of the mathematics exams




Tali Yitzhaki-Leffler has a strange custom: she tours the world in pursuit of sewage covers. Among other things she visited Papua New Guinea, Madagascar and South Korea. Now she is launching a photographic exhibition of all the sites she has been to. The project is jointly initiated by the water corporation “Aviv Water”.


March 2019

In a generation where children deal with the computer and cellular screens all day long, there is a need to rethink the long sitting in the classroom. Kaye College built a program for “movement-based learning” as a response and the program entered the last month for schools.


Education Ministry Director Shmuel Abuav, and senior officials at the ministry visited the Kaye College of Education in Be’er Sheva





 The Kaye delegation to the ASA tournament returned last week with a series of achievements, including first place in the Men’s Cat Championship, a gold medal in karate and more




February 2019

The competition: seven Israeli startups. Mission: To turn the math into a profession that breaks students ‘ heads, easy to understand, and stimulates achievements. The prize: million shekels. Entrepreneurs: The Trump Foundation and graduates 8200


Inspired by the Beaton Commission’s recommendations, a delegation of Kaye Academic College students recently left for Morocco, following the Jewish community that lived there. They met a lavish tradition, learned about the pogroms and shared their experiences online with their excited grandparents in Israel.



 Inspired by the recommendation of the Bitton Committee, a delegation of

students from Kaye Academic College recently left for the Muslim state and

met tradition and history. They said, “It’s important for us to pass the

knowledge on.”



 The story enables discussion of the rifts that have divided Israeli society throughout its existence.





Students from the college visited Morocco as part of a special mission and as part of the implementation of the Bitton Committee’s conclusions


January 2019

The academic staff at Kaye College toured Bedouin towns and villages and was exposed to the difficult problems facing the education system in this sector.


Anat Shyovits had travailed to most parts of the world,but nothing prepared her for Cuba

Tarshish School for seniors of Kaye College

The ministry that spearheaded the strengthening of the Sephardic Jewish identity claims: We have been blessed with public awareness, but we have not done anything for three years. The CHE in response: A team was established to examine the issue, and the conclusions will be submitted to the Supreme Steering Committee for the Humanities.



A joint study of five early childhood members from Kaye College in Beer Sheva gave rise to the book “Learning    from Children on Children” that give educators and parents alike a glimpse into the world of children while playing

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