Kaye College in the Media 2018

Kaye College in the Media 2018

December 2018

The walking trail was inaugurated by Kay College, which invites the public to use it.


In honor of the International Day for People with Disabilities that was marked this week, the players of the Maccabi Beer Sheva adult group played a friendly match with “Beit Ha’Avor” players.


A resident of Herzliya, Dr. Shayovitz has been on the Israel-Cuba line for years, and now she has published a rich book of photographs and explanations that has brought the story of Cuba from the Indian era through Castro and Che Guevara till today. And she already has plans for the next book.

They say that all the beginnings are difficult, it seems that the reality proves that this statement is absolutely correct. The dropout of teachers who are in their early years in the profession has grown into a phenomenon that is troubling many countries in the world, including Israel.


Teachers come to the school full of motivation and knowledge, but receive a notice that they have to adapt to their existence, and their ability is not expressed.



About 50 people took part last Friday in a conference on alternative ways of communication for people with disabilities, who need different ways of communication which is known to the ordinary person.

November 2018

Inside with Uri Revach – 13.11.18


Shaker Al-Sanea “The Training and Teaching Unit at Kee College organized an international conference in the field of developing and promoting” the absorption of new teachers in the education system in a successful and efficient manner “. The workshop included representatives of colleges to train trainees, new teachers and trained teachers inside and outside the country within The EU project PROTEACH Project, in the presence of representatives of the Ministry of Education.


The KEI Guidance and Teaching Unit organized an international conference in the field of developing and enhancing the absorption of new teachers in the education system in a successful and effective manner.


A new exhibition of artists from the north of Israel is held at the Kay College in Be’er Sheva and enables the younger generation to feel life in the state of the future.

The new exhibit ” Hayloft 1″ by the artist Idit Levavi-Gabbay, a former kibbutz member in the north of Israel, brings to life the memories of her childhood. In the exhibition, she reconstructs her experiences from the hay house in the

kibbutz, where she used to play as a child in the heaps of hay.


Between North and South

The artist Idit Levavi-Gabbay presents in the exhibition ” Hayloft 1″ works by artists from the north of Israel through which the young generation can be exposed to life on the kibbutz.

At an international conference held at Kaye College, the program for friendly environment for young teachers was presented. The program has been very successful and praised by the Ministry of Education for its revolution in schools.


Dr. Anat Shyovitch has been on the line between Israel-Canada for years now, and she has published a book with photographs and explanations which displays the story of Cuba from the Native American era, through Castro and Che Guevara, to the present day and has plans for the next book.


Jacob Eichler Yakov Eichler with here tonight – 28.11.18


October 2018

On Sunday, thousands of students from Ben-Gurion University and regional colleges will begin their school year


Number of students: 1,793 out of them 1,333 are studying for a first degree in education, 269 students are studying for a master’s degree and the rest are receiving a teaching certificate. Some 8,400 students study in extra-academic studies. New courses: Tiguf – a combination of drumming and body. Teaching English through an escape room.

The gates of academic institutions in the Negev capital will open today (Sunday), at the beginning of the first semester. So how many students are there at academic institutions in Be’er Sheva and which are the most popular courses? All the numbers and data

So how many students are there in Be’er Sheva, with all its academic institutions? What do they choose to learn? We collected the data and figures from the university and the 5 colleges of Be’er Sheva and the Negev:


Majority and Minority Relations in Sports: Why Israel does not adopt a protest strategy of the players?


The Kaye Academic College of Education in Be’er Sheva opened its new academic year with more than 10,000 students, including 1,800 students who are expected to become leading teaching staff in various schools in the southern region. The president of the college, Professor Leah Kuzminsky, congratulated the students and expressed the hope that “the studies will give you a great deal of knowledge in teaching, and most importantly, you will be able to become teachers of values and caring.

For decades, Kay College has been training educators from the south.

The secret to success is the aspiration for academic excellence alongside social involvement.

August 2018

In honor of the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel, 70 Jewish and Bedouin students from Kaye College joined together to perform in Hebrew the song “Imagine” form John Lennon. They worked together and learned to know one another and unite through the music.


Meet the research branch “Biomimtica,” in which they try to explore nature in order to find a solution to a human problem. In the Biomimkeri garden, which opened a week ago at Kay College, visitors will be able to experience and learn through observation and activities. So what is the connection between a snail in the summer and desert architecture?



The social questions behind wanting to choose a sports class for your daughter. Have I unconsciously transferred my love, dreams, and desires to the child? Is choosing an extra activity a choice of experiences that shape her inner world? And how is all this related to women’s ability to change the sports world?


In recent years, the youth department of Maccabi Beer Sheva has been running a number of different projects that combine studies and soccer, one of important ones is the Learning Center Project.
In preparation for the opening of the school year, “Yedioth Hanegev” is familiar with the program in which the club creates alternatives in case the children fail to become professional players and prepares them for life after the military service.

July 2018

This week, Avi Buchbut came to the National Student Day a resident of Dimona and the chairman of the Kaye Student Union to the Knesset, and presented their concerns, indicating that only 37% of the students were socially active.

Bus drivers and taxi drivers have become a punching bag for travelers who curse, spit, and disentangle their anger. Following the many incidents of verbal abuse, assaults and stone throwing at buses, Dan Beer Sheva launched a campaign called “Enough Violence.” The drivers, who have experienced physical and verbal violence, say helplessly: “Why do we deserve it? Just ingratitude”

Video of Dr. Ilya Morgulov Head of the Physical Education Track at Kaye College



An expert in sports psychology talks about how to calm players before a final game. This also includes talking to themselves … as well as the results of the Penalties studies.


Armed with natural love and harsh information about the rivers of our country, the members of the scouting patrollers are going on a life-saving project to save Israel’s rivers


The Kaye Academic College of Education: Put the periphery in the center

Academic learning, educational work and involvement in the community – in cooperation with the Student’s Association of the Kaye Academic College of Education in Be’er Sheva – prove that the student period is one of the best times in life

Why is the day of the destruction of the First and Second Temples, which is supposed to unite different ends in one nation, continuing to stir up social controversy and why does it revolve mainly around food


Dr. Anat Shaiovitz is a religious and Zionist lesbian in all her might, who is the head of an Academic course at a respected college, and her partner, Dr. Eti Kochavi, is one of Israel’s top educators – but a basic right to establish a family of their own – not in our country. “To love the country, ” she promises, ” but we will not give up our basic right to become parents”


Bedouin and Jewish students from the Kaye Academic College gathered together in the studio for a moving performance in Hebrew and Arabic for John Landon’s song “Imagine”.
“Bedouin usually do not sing in public, the first time we had a meaningful meeting with the Jewish students”


June 2018

The President, Reuven Rivlin, hosted a number of people at Beit HaNassi (the official residence of the President of Israel) for Iftar – the end of fast meal for those celebrating the Ramadan. Among various dignitaries and representatives was Dr. Shlomit Guy, Head of the Physical Education department at Kaye College. Dr. guy concludes: “It was an exciting experience, representing the college in such a dignified event that emphasized the values of equality and acceptance. President Rivlin expressed hope for coexistence and peace. We at Kaye College are proud to have this vision in practice every day”.

Sheva7  Mynet Beer Sheva

Moshiko Ben Shimol of Be’er Sheva, a physical education student at Kaye College, won two silver medals at the Zurich Open in Giusto, in addition to the one he received in Rome about a month ago.

Sheva7  Mynet Beer Sheva

3 International Medals to the Israeli champion in Jiu Giusto
3 International Medals to the Israeli champion in Jiu Giusto

More and more people are embarking on a journey to find their genetic roots in order to trace their family history and to obtain some kind of current health indication. These genetic tests can show you your family’s origins, find you long lost family members and even help you build a personal diet and exercise plan.

As to why this trend is popular with the elderly, Smadar Ben-Asher, an educational psychologist and a senior lecturer at Kaye Academic College of Education, explains that “… A person will look back at his life and tries to give them meaning. He can feel like he missed out or, alternatively, he can feel satisfaction with the way his life went and the traces he leaves behind in the world. Faced with the knowledge that the end of his life is approaching, an attempt is made to see life as part of a large payment in which every detail, in each generation, has continuity importance. Thus his life and existence in the world receive a kind of fingerprint that has an imprint and importance. “


Dieting, origins or finding a partner: DNA tests have become a hot trend
Dieting, origins or finding a partner: DNA tests have become a hot trend

By: Samar Eldina, Lecturer in the kindergarten training program at Kaye College of Education

Alongside the significant social changes taking place in the Bedouin society in the Negev, the habit of reading children’s books is not yet commonplace. In recent years, awareness of “Book Week” has grown, but one week is not enough, even if it is the beginning of a new trend.

In the Arab society in Israel, which includes the Bedouin society, awareness of the importance of instilling habits of reading and love of books for children has grown in recent years, but the road is still long. The Ministry of Education is working to promote the issue through the “Makatbat Alphanus” (The Oil Lamp Library) program, which has been in existence for five years.

In this program the children receive eight quality books a year. However, in order for the program to make a significant change, parents need to be instructed on how to read with their children and encourage them to read for themselves. To this end, professionals must be trained to guide their parents, and to enrich the public space with quality books.


A Sector Without Books
Dieting, origins or finding a partner: DNA tests have become a hot trend

As part of the National Student Day, Avi Bohbut, The Chairman of the Kaye College Students Association, visited the Knesset Education Committee and the faction meetings of the various parties, and presented alarming data, indicating that only 37% of the students are social activists and volunteers.

Bohbut suggested that these rates could be improved by offering the students college credits for their volunteer work, which is something that MK Meirav Ben-Ari’s is submitting a bill about.

Kaye College though is not waiting to see whether the bill will pass and they already offer academic credits in exchange for 100 hours of community service.

Prof. Lea Kozminsky, the College’s President: “Kaye College believes in combining academic excellence with community work. I am proud of the fact that our college leads many social projects that affect broad and diverse populations in Israeli society. Students who contribute to the community demonstrate sensitivity and empathy to the needs of others.”


Encouraging Students to Volunteer
Dieting, origins or finding a partner: DNA tests have become a hot trend

Nurit Cohavi of Kaye College is interviewed about the private kindergarten teachers in “Yoman Halayla” at “Kan B” (Israeli radio station segment). Her interview starts at 00:43:45.


As the 2018 FIFA World Cup approaches Dr. Shlomit Guy, Head of the Physical Education Department, is interviewed about hooliganism in soccer at “Kan Tarbut” (Israeli radio channel). Dr. Guy’s interview starts at 00:37:30.


May 2018

Prof. Rufo from Finland, and international expert in Education, visited Kaye College of Education this week, where he explained why the Finnish education system is considered one of the best in the world. “Education in Finland is considered a prestigious profession and a Masters is mandatory to be able to enter the profession”.


One of Every 10 Applicants in Finland is Accepted to Teaching Studies - Sheva

Prof. Rufo from Finland, and international expert in Education, visited Kaye College of Education this week, where he explained why the Finnish education system is considered one of the best in the world. “Education in Finland is considered a prestigious profession and a Masters is mandatory to be able to enter the profession”.


Leaning, Research and Educational Innovation - Yediot Aharonot

The conference “The Negev as a Puzzle of Changing Needs”, which took place this week at Kaye College, focused on the need for industry in the face of the importance of preserving nature, among other subjects.


Preservation of Nature Cannot Come at the Expense of Progress - Sheva

This month we were informed by a report from the state comptroller that the “Meaningful Learning” reform did not actually change anything.


The Bluff of the "Meaningful Learning" Reform - Ha'aretz

Prof. Shlomo Beck, former Kaye College President, writs about how every attempt at creative and critical thinking by the teachers in the Israeli Education System is met with a brick wall of resistance.

Recent PISA tests have shown that Israel’s position in education among developed countries is unsatisfactory. The pupils’ achievements are lower than necessary and their educational gaps are among the largest in the world.

According to Andreas Schleicher, Division Head and coordinator of the OECD Programme for International Student Assessment, Israel’s next generation will no longer be prepared for the future because pedagogy in Israel is very traditional and standard.

The Marker 

Stop Castrating the Teachers - The Marker
Stop Castrating the Teachers - The Marker

50 building plans threaten to reduce public access to this precious resource. An amendment to a law initiated by environmental organizations that will rise to a Knesset vote demands restraint on real estate developers.

“Everything is an issue of money” says Dr. Arnon Ben-Israel, cultural geographer and head of the Geography and Human Environment specialization in Kaye College of Education, “…It’s difficult to exaggerate the importance of the law and the added social and environmental value it contains. It must be fortified in any way, and amended so that it will also apply to plans approved before its enactment in the event that they are not implemented, because we have no beaches to waste”.


The Front in Against Real Estate Sharks: It's Not so Nice to See a Closed Sea - Ma'ariv
The Front in Against Real Estate Sharks: It's Not so Nice to See a Closed Sea - Ma'ariv

April 2018

Kaye College is proud to present a video about it’s excellent English program. Please view and enjoy!

March 2018

Kaye Academic College of Education in Beer Sheba is one of Israel’s most important academic teacher training colleges.

Apart from the College’s prestigious academic programs (particularly those led by the Departments of Art, Special Education, Physical Education, and others), the College has taken up the challenge of promoting social issues and working for society and the community, as an integral part of its academic activity. For that purpose, the College has set up a project called “Kayehilla” (the Hebrew word for community is “kehilla”), in which some 150 students from the College volunteer in a wide range of fields in their communities. Volunteering is recognized as an academic credit, although in many cases the students continue to volunteer after completing their studies at the College.

At the beginning of the year, over 30 organizations contacted the College in order to recruit high-quality student volunteers. These organizations included old age homes, a psychiatric hospital, Beit Galgalim (House of Wheels, an organization that operates for the benefit of the disabled), and others. At a later stage, outstanding students from the Kayehilla project participated in an activists’ exhibition describing their volunteer activity, in order to encourage other students to join in the effort.

In addition to the various programs and projects run by the College and aimed at the community, it also invites the community into the College, under the guidance of the Od (“More”) Association, which, on behalf of the College, coordinates the informal educational activities for the community. One of the Association’s central programs is The Social Academy – a special study program for students on the autistic spectrum. These students attend the College twice a week and hear a wide variety of lectures designated for them, on subjects ranging from cinema and theater to environmental education and sex education. Their parents say that this program gives the students enormous satisfaction and a feeling that they are no different from other young people.

Another program run by the Od Association is Tarshish – the School for Retirees, at which Kaye College offers over 80 courses to some 600 senior citizens who wish to enrich their knowledge in various fields such as art, languages, history, and more.

Apart from the social activism of the College as a whole, there are specific study tracks in which social activism is a very significant part of the curriculum. One of these is the REGEV track (RGV is a Hebrew acronym for Teaching Out of the Box), aimed at outstanding students. In this program, the students are required to demonstrate both academic excellence and meaningful social involvement. The social activism in the program is extremely varied: students volunteer on archaeological digs in Beer Sheba in collaboration with the Antiquities Authority, female Bedouin students teach spoken Arabic at the high school in Omer, students volunteer in the Tarshish School and in the Social Academy, and more, while meeting the highest standards of academic requirements.

Another program that incorporates significant contribution to the community is Shvilim (“Paths”), for students who have already been working for several years in education and want to earn an academic degree while continuing their educational work. The program’s emphasis is on ongoing dialogue with the community. The students on this program take part in a social entrepreneurship accelerator project, during which they build a project for the community, from the stage of thinking up the idea, to planning and implementation. Among the outstanding projects in recent years we can find the project of Manar Abu Riash from Rahat, who developed a support group for Bedouin women with fertility problems. The group sessions gave these women the strength to speak, and realize that they are not alone, on a subject that for many years was taboo in Bedouin society, and to understand that they were strong and worthy in their own right.

The President of the College, Prof. Lea Kozminsky: “Kaye College believes in combining academic excellence with social and educational activism. I am proud of the fact that our College leads many social projects that affect large and diverse population groups in Israeli society. To my delight, the student volunteers show sensitivity and active responsibility towards the needs of others.”

The article is in collaboration with the Kaye Academic College of Education.

Yediot Ahronot

The article is in collaboration with the Kaye Academic College of Education.

The Minister of Justice, Ayelet Shaked, participated in the Negev conference of Child Safety and Security, that took place in Be’er Sheva. She later visited Mekif Amit High school, Kaye College and the law office.

Yediot Hanegev 

Child Safety - Yediot Hanegev

hat is good for women, what is bad for women and all that is in-between.

“When your man doesn’t want to come with you to your fertility treatments, don’t go alone. The woman is the one that hurts, suffers, screams and cries, the least he can do is come show support”, says Munad Abu-Riash the thing that might sound obvious to us, but is not so obvious in the Bedouin community where she grew up. Abu-Riash, an education student in the “Shvilim” (paths) program in Kaye College, established a support group for Bedouin women who are undergoing fertility treatments.


A Room for Yourself - La'Isha

These days in institutions for higher education, the second semester of the school year is starting. For most of the students this means returning to their routine of classes, while having one main goal – to finish the course already. It turns out that in Kaye College of education in Be’er Sheva, things are different. In Kaye College, some of the courses are taught in the “Heyutagogy” method, a unique method where the student is given the freedom to decide how his or her course will look. Kaye College is the first in the country to teach in this method and already has ten lecturers teaching various courses with it.


Students Decide What they are Going to Learn - Sheva and Be'er Sheva Net
Students Decide What they are Going to Learn - Sheva and Be'er Sheva Net

While you are preparing for Passover, it is important to know your limits and the rest of the household’s limits and capabilities. Listen to what your family wants and to your own body and soul.​

Passover is near, and in many a home you can feel the preparations for the holiday. Some clean thoroughly, reaching all the small places we don’t usually get to during the year. Some do their spring cleaning and sort through all they own, throwing away what they don’t need, preserving the old and buying the new in all of the holiday sales.​

Nurit Cohavi, the director of the center for parenthood and family in Kaye College, talks about the do’s and don’ts of Passover cleaning and preparation to keep arguments and disagreements to a minimum.


Don't Be a Wonder Woman at Any Price - Saloona

This week a delegation of athletes from Kaye College went to the A.S.A. (Academic Sport Association) tournament and came back with a golden medal in Karate and a bronze in men’s Futsal.

Be’er Sheva Net 

A Golden Medal in Karate in the International Student Championship - Be'er Sheva Net

February 2018

On Tuesday, the Minister of Justice, Ayelet Shaked, visited Kaye College in Be’er Sheva. She was greeted by the president of the college, Prof. Lea Kozminsky, and Chairman of the board of Directors, Mr. Aryeh Kleinman, as well as other board members and academic staff members.

During her visit, she was shown the unique characteristics of the college, the aspiration for academic excellence, the college’s social and communal responsibility and the college’s actions to promote cooperation between communities living in the Negev.

Be’er Sheva Net

This week, students from Kaye College in Be’er Sheva visited the “Bayit Ha’ge’e” (proud house) in Be’er Sheva (a center that organizes various events and programs for the LGBT community) as part of their course in multiculturalism. During this visit, which was organized by two students – Maria Gershkivich and Amy Zarfati – the students heard about the center’s activities in Be’er Sheva and they learned various LGBT words and concepts. The students, of which half were Jewish and half were Bedouin, received tools as future educators, with which they will be able to respond sensitively and inclusively to students from the LGBT community.

In the rest of the visit an interesting discussion was held about how the Bedouin community deals with coming out of the closet. The purpose of the discussion was to encourage tolerance, inclusion and listening to the LGBT community.

Dr. Liron Shokty, head of the International Academic Relations Office and of the English Department, who taught the course: “I believe that we need to prepare our students for all of the dilemmas and struggles they may face as future educators. This unique visit has emphasized the importance of this topic and we plan on having similar visits in the future”.

Iton Sheva

Accepting Everyone - Iton Sheva

Kaye College of Education in Be’er Sheva is a college that believes in innovation in Education. As a part of this outlook, the president of the college, Professor Lea Kozminsky, turned to the Carasso Science Park with the purpose of promoting a technological education initiative.

While collaborating with the head of the Carasso Science Park, Dr. Netzach Farbiash, they came up with the idea to build parts for the teacher training program in the pub lab – an advanced laboratory for 3D printing that is located in the Carasso Science Park.

Be’er Sheva Net

A First of its Kind Partnership Between Kaye College and Carasso Science Park - Be'er Sheva Net

Bedouin students from Kaye Academic College of Education in Be’er Sheva are taking part in a unique project in which they translate material for a fun mathematical game for the hundreds of children refugees from Syria that are in Germany ∙ The President of the College: “I am happy we have an opportunity to help the education of the children of the Syrian refugees”.

A new initiative in Kaye Academic College of Education translates math games and questionnaires for about 100 child Syrian refugees currently living in Germany. These are virtual games and questionnaires in the math department that were donated to the refugees by Dr. Mark Applebaum, a mathematics professor and concessionaire of the organization “Kangaroo Israel”. Kangaroo is a worldwide program which purpose is to teach math in a fun way and operates under the academic jurisdiction of the college. As of today 75 countries participate in the Kangaroo initiative, and a respectable amount of them are Muslim countries.

Dr. Applebaum headed the translation project along with several Bedouin students from the math department, and they made sure to translate games and questionnaires from English to Arabic so as to ease the mathematical studies of the child Syrian refugees living in Germany.

“The concessionaire of “Kangaroo” in Germany asked us to help translating mathematical questionnaires for the children of the Syrian refugees. We were happy to undertake the idea and to that end I was aided by the students from the Math department who are of the Bedouin sector, by translation to Arabic of the problems and quizzes”, says Applebaum.

Applebaum notes that Kaye College is a flagship for coexistence and that the opportunity to help the children of the Syrian refugees fell into his lap ‘like a ripe fruit’ and he immediately started the translating work. “This is a long process, in which the material first has to be translated from English to Hebrew and then from English to Arabic, but this project is very appropriate for Kaye College, whose motto is coexistence and tolerance. The fact that we are helping the children of the Syrian refugees gives us a great sense of satisfaction and the goal is to continue this project for many more years”.

Applebaum: “I joined Kangaroo Worldwide five years ago; the franchising is given to a person who has an institution, company or group supporting them. I turned to the President of the college, Professor Lea Kozminsky, and asked her to sponsor “Kangaroo” in Israel. Since then we have been creating content, questionnaires and virtual quizzes that are meant to serve Jewish and Arad children and cause them to enjoy learning math”.

Professor Lea Kozminsky, the Preside of Kaye College: “Every child, no matter who he or she is, is entitled to a quality education. I am happy that Kaye College can aid the studies of the children of the Syrian refugees, who have escaped to Germany”.

Ynet  Panet news sites

Kaye College Students for Syrian Refugees - Ynet and Panet news sites
Kaye College Students for Syrian Refugees - Ynet and Panet news sites

Januery 2018

Beduin Innovation

Jerusalem Post

Beduin Innovation - Jerusalem Post

Kaye College President, Professor Lea Kozminsky, speaks of the social-economic gaps when it comes to expanding children’s vocabulary.

Israel Hayom On-Line

Wealth and Poverty by the Tongue - Israel Hayom On-Line

Kaye College President, Professor Lea Kozminsky, speaks of the social-economic gaps when it comes to expanding children’s vocabulary.

Israel Hayom

About Wealth of Language Vs. Income Stipends - Israel Hayom

“You cannot beat violence with punishment. The punishment will create more opposition, that will create more violence and so on and so forth”. Dr. Shlomit Guy, head of the Physical Education Department in Kaye Academic College of Education, speaks from her experience of violence in the playing field.

Davar Rishon 

A cure for Violence in the Playing Fields - Davar Rishon

The poor do not have a genetic inferiority, but ones surroundings – nutrition, emotional security, access to language and books – has a deciding influence on scholarly achievements.

Professor Lea Kozminsky, President of Kaye College of Education.

The Marker On-Line 


Every year, the Institution for Bituah Leumi (Israeli National Financial Security) publicizes a report on poverty in Israel and the gaps in society. In the 2016 report it was found that a large section of the public is still living under the level expected for one to be able to live in a decent way.

The poor do not have a genetic inferiority, but ones surroundings – nutrition, emotional security, access to language and books – has a deciding influence on scholarly achievements.

Professor Lea Kozminsky, President of Kaye College of Education.

The Marker

Poor Students Will Always Struggle in School - The Marker

Dr. Shlomit Guy, head of the Physical Education Department in Kaye Academic College of Education, is interviewed about the best way to solve violence in the playing fields.

The Sports Channel

Is Punishment the way to Solve Violence - The Sports Channel

This week the conference “Le’hatot Ozen” (lending an ear) was held in Kaye Academic College of Education. The subject of this conference was hearing disabilities among the various academic institutions in the Jewish and Bedouin sectors.

 Sheva Newspaper

To Lend an Ear - Sheva Newspaper

In a piece on the subject of girls in prostitution, Prof. Arnon Edelstein of Kaye College was interviewed, and he explained the part of dropout rates from school as a contributing factor to prostitution.

 Kan 11

The data indicate that the percentage of Bedouin women in the world of education who have degrees in various fields (from Kaye College, among others) is higher than that of male students in the society. Ahmed Abu Sweis in the following report.

Mikan 33

Specifically in Israel it is very important to educate for multiculturalism. The Israeli society is made up of many different cultures, but the education in Israel allows this diversity to exist without almost any meeting between the different cultures. This creates and even greater rift in the society and without mending it we will not be able to continue as a society.

Davar Rishon


On Monday, Kay Academy for Education organized a conference on hearing disabilities in Jewish and Bedouin centers. The conference was organized by Dr. Nitzan Cohen, Head of the Special Education Department of the College, and Dr. Jamil Abu Ajaj, Head of the Special Education Rehabilitation Program for the Bedouin.

During the conference, the participants listened to exciting lectures, while the two languages ​​were performed and all the lectures were translated into sign language by Muhammad Abu Rabia, a teacher for the hearing impaired. Hakim Abu Kaff, a Bedouin girl with hearing impairment, was especially impressive when she told her personal story in sign language. Abu Kaff told those in the conference of the difficulties she faced as a hearing impaired girl in the Bedouin community and how she became the first Bedouin in the Neveh school for deaf children.


Hakima Abu Kaff in the Conference on Hearing Disabilities in Jewish and Bedouin Centers - Janoob

Kaye Academic College of Education in Beer Sheva hosted an important conference entitled “Ice-melting in the Negev” with the Friends of the college. 

The conference was organized by Khasia Israel, a member of the faculty administration, and Ibrahim Al-Badour, Lecturer on technology in the college. The conference was held in cooperation with the Abraham Fund Association, which works to strengthen co-existence between Arabs and Jews. The conference was attended by a number of Arab and Jewish officials and figures, school principals and academic students, and Dr. Amal Abu Saad Abu Al-Qayan, wife of the martyr Yacoub Mousa Abu Al-Qayan.

The conference aims to address the causes of distance between Arabs and Jews; and is there a role for academics in addressing the thorny issues between the two parties.

  Sheva Newspaper Ynet  Panet

Students from the city of Arad, Ofakim and Dimona participate in an activism exhibition held in Kaye College of Education. The exhibition, called “Ha’or Shebi” (The Light in Me), portrayed pictures of students who are active in the community, with a symbol of their volunteer work. The purpose of this exhibition is to encourage others to take part in various volunteer work in the community.​

One such student is Hen Krispil, a special education student from Arad who volunteers in the student union and is in charge of the project “Ha’kehiliya”.

Another such student is Sapir Malka, a Special Education student from Be’er Sheva volunteers in “Social Academia” and the “Net Friend” project. This project offers a special social network for people with developmental disabilities.

She and many others show the great spirit of the students in the south.

  Sheva Newspaper Aradnik

Two top psychologists, Dr. Zeev Katz and Dr. Smadar Ben-Asher (of Kaye College) explain why so many people join nostalgia groups and cling to the past.

Yediot Ha’negev

The Ideal Past - Yediot Ha'negerv
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