Kaye College in the Media 2017

Kaye College in the Media 2017

December 2017

Two students and two professors from the Bedouin sector were members of the “Kaye” College delegation to the concentration camps in Poland • “After the atrocities that I saw in Poland, I am pleased that a state was created for the Jews”, said one of them

“At Auschwitz, I proudly wrapped myself in an Israeli flag”, Mohand Al Atona, a resident of the town of Hura, a student  at the “Kaye” College in Beersheva said, after returning last week from a journey that took him to Poland as part of a college sponsored delegation. This is the first time that a delegation of students and lecturers from the education college on a journey to the extermination camps in Poland, also included Bedouin students and lecturers. The 35-member delegation included two students and two lecturers from the sector.  Al Atona’s decision to join the delegation was surprising to some of his fellow students, Arabs and Jews alike. “Although I am a non-Jew, I am a proud Israeli”, Al Atona stated, “Maybe the problem is that people view this as something abnormal. I will return to Poland, and this time with a delegation that I will organize from the Bedouin sector”.

Al Atona, who is a student in the “Trails” program for teaching geography and environmental education, emphasizes that he intends, after completing his studies and training as a teacher, to educate his students to love the Land of Israel. “Throughout the trip I wrapped myself in an Israeli flag”, he noted, “that at its center has a Star of David, which is very much a Jewish religious symbol; however, I felt a sense of pride. This flag symbolizes the victory of the country of which I am a citizen.  After witnessing the atrocities that I saw in Poland, I am pleased that a state was created for the Jews”.

When asked how he felt wrapped in an Israeli flag when visiting a concentration camp, Al Atona said, “Prior to the journey, my parents and siblings wrote me a letter in which they expressed their sense of pride in the path I am taking. I believe that it will take some time for me to recover from my experience; there are things here I will remember for years to come”.

Avi Buchbot, chairman of the “Kaye” College Students Association, said: “We are fulfilling a dream, in which Jews and Arabs went together to experience, learn and pay homage to the six million Jews murdered in the Holocaust. This is the first year in which such a unique delegation is sent by the college. It was the initiative of the Bedouin students and lecturers to join the delegation, which by itself is heartwarming. Only after the trip did I understand the importance of organizing such a delegation”.

Prof. Lea Kozminsky, the college’s president said: “As a college in the Negev that champions coexistence, we are proud of the experience that Jews and Bedouins shared on this journey. We believe our students are here to change the world, to instill greater tolerance, equality and mutual respect”.

Yediot Hanegev Newspaper

Coexistence on a Journey to the Extermination Camps in Poland - Yediot Hanegev Newspaper

A student delegation from Kaye College recently returned from a joint trip to Poland, where for the first time ever two Bedouin students and two Bedouin Lecturers joined the delegation.

Sheva Newspaper

Israeli Pride - Sheva Newspaper

Remembering the Holocaust atrocities together – a delegation of Jews and Bedouin’s visit Poland.

A student delegation from Kaye College of Education returned this week from a shared visit to Poland, where for the first time two students and two lectures from the Bedouin sector joined the delegation.

Ma’ariv Newspaper

A Delegation of Jewish and Bedouins Visit Poland - Ma'ariv Newspaper

Kaye College’s student delegation to Poland returned to Israel after visiting the death camps, and as part of the delegation’s members were two lectures and two students from the Bedouin sector. “I felt a pride in my country” said one of them.

Ma’ariv Newspaper and Website

Mouhand Elatauna: "I was proud to wrap myself in the Israeli flag in Auschwitz" - Ma'ariv Newspaper and Website

As part of the Teacher Appreciation Day, Chen Krispil, a 2nd year student in Kaye Academic College of Education in Be’er Shev, thanks Chaya Azaria, her homeroom teacher in Ort Braude High School.

Galei Tzahal Radio Station

Roi Amano – Head of the association for project promotion. Publicized in Channel 23 as part of Teacher appreciation day.

Channel 23

The morning headers in Reshet Bet (Israeli Radio Station) for “Ta’agid Achshav” – about the article of the delegation to Poland

Reshet Bet Radio Station

Ha’poel Be’er Sheva soccer team Forward, Muhammad Gadir, looks ahead to the day when he will hang up his soccer shoes and recently started learning Teaching Physical Education in Kaye College in Be’er Sheva. Gadir also joined to the college’s student union and was photographed with the student union’s chairman. Avi Buchbut.

Sheva Newspaper

Muhammad Gadir in Kaye College - Sheva Newspaper

Muhammad Gadir thinks about his future and started leaning the teaching physical education in Kaye College of Education in Be’er Sheva.​

In addition, the pioneer who is recovering from a prolonged injury joined the college’s student association.

Yediot Hanegev Newspaper

Student Involvement in Kaye College - Yediot Hanegev Newspaper

At the age of 3 Roi Amino, physical education teacher from Dimona, already loved playing ball. At the age of 14 he decided he would teach physical education and today he is head of the association for project promotion in education, culture and sport at Kaye Academic College of Education in Be’er Sheva.

Mebit Newspaper

Dream as High as Possible - Mebit Newspaper

In a national survey, that included more than 8,000 students from various colleges around the country, Kaye Academic College of Education reached 2nd place in the measure of student satisfaction.

Sheva Newspaper

Happy at Kaye - Sheva Newspaper

In honor of Teacher’s Day that was noted last week all over Israel, Kaye College students planned a special appreciations evening for their teachers and lecturers, in which they gave out award certifications to their favorite teachers and written thanks to the teachers were read aloud.

Sheva Newspaper

Recommending the Teachers - Sheva Newspaper

“Tzipore Nafsha”, which means “The bird of her soul” and translates to “The apple of her eye” is the exhibit of Yemima Lavan, Israeli artist.

The work of artist Yemima Lavan in the exhibit “Bird and Song” = “Tzipore Veshir”, that is featured in Kaye College, was borne from her inspiration by Hebrew poets who dealt with the subject of birds.

Yediot Hanegev Newspaper

The Apple of her Eye - Yediot Hanegev Newspaper

​In honor of Human Rights Day, a tournament was held in Taubel Stadium in Be’er Sheva between refugees from Holot facility and the youth of Maccabi and Ha’poel Be’er Sheva soccer teams. Dr. Shlomit Guy of Kaye College, initiator of this collaboration: “We are all human beings and enjoy the same things”.

Nrg News Site

Sports Help to Lower Stigmas and to Diminish Prejudices - Nrg News Site

Character Players: A unique tournament for refugees and Be’er Sheva soccer groups. In the tournament that was held in honor of International Human Rights Day, Ha’poel and Maccabi Be’er Sheva soccer players played a soccer game along with a group of refugees from Sudan and Eritrea that are staying at the “Holot” facility | Dr. Shlomit Guy of Kaye College, initiator of this collaboration: “It’s important to acquaint our players with the difficult situation that the refugees are in and to express solidarity on the subject of human rights”.

Davar Reashon Online News

The Right to Play - Davar Reashon Online News

The student union at Kaye Academic College of Education in Be’er Sheva volunteered this week at Soroka Hospital, in honor of the Hannukah holiday. The students went to cheer up the children at the hospital and they lit candles with them, gave out jelly donuts, sang songs and mostly just made everyone happy and full of laughter.

 Sheva Newspaper

Volunteering at Kaye - Sheva Newspaper

In honor of International Human Rights Day that was celebrated this week, a tournament was held in the Toubel soccer field in Be’er Sheva in which participated refugees from the “Holot” facility and the various youth groups of Maccabi and Ha’poel Be’er Sheva. This event was initiated by Dr. Shlomit Guy, head of the Physical Education Department in Kaye College and the strategic consultant of Maccabi Be’er Sheva, and was funded by the New Israel Fund.

 Sheva Newspaper

Solidarity through Sport - Sheva Newspaper

This week a conference was held in Kaye College in Be’er Sheva, on the subject of Early Childhood Education. In this conference participated the best of lecturers in the field from all over the country, and amongst them was former Member of Knesset and head of the lobby in the Knesset for Early Childhood, on behalf of the Zionistic Union, Prof. Manuel Trajtenberg.

  Sheva Newspaper

Early Childhood Education Conference with Prof. Trajtenberg - Sheva Newspaper

Refugees from the “Holot” facility and Be’er Sheva youth groups had a soccer tournament in honor of International Human Rights Day. “the goal was to empathize” said Dr. Shlomit Guy, head of the Physical Education Department in Kaye College.

  Yediot Hanegev Newspaper

Solidarity on the Field - Yediot Hanegev Newspaper

We must invest in the Early Childhood Education because every child has the right to receive proper care and a high level education, and the quality of the care he receives will determine his future and his place in society. This is the most effective investment, from the ventage point of a young family in which both parents are working. Prof. Manuel Trajtenberg.

 Saloona News Site

The Delivery Period Places the Woman in a very Impossible Dilemma - Saloona News Site

The current situation places new mothers in a very impossible dilemma, between returning quickly to a full time job and finding unsatisfying and expensive alternatives to child care, and staying at home while taking a major blow to their career and to the household’s income. Prof. Manuel Trajtenberg.


The Delivery Period Places the Woman in a very Impossible Dilemma - NRG
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