Kaye College is proud to announce the acceptance of a new Erasmus Plus project the college is involved in, titled PROTEACH. The... Read more
IN2IT Project
Kaye College is currently involved in a new collaborative project funded by the European Union Project IN2IT (Internationalizat... Read more
Kaye College welcomes all students and staff
We wish a fruitful, enriching and enjoyable school year. Successfully!
News & Announcements
קפיצה למרחק: סיפורי הצלחה ואתגרים בלמידה ובהוראה בעקבות משבר הקורונה 23-6-2020 (יום ג) משעה 12:00
TOOLS-Technologically enhanced online opportunities for language learning in inclusive education
From the beginning of 2019-2020 academic year Kaye College is collaborating with an international project called: PROMENTORS
פניות בנושאי שכר לימוד בבקשה להפנות ישירות למייל של רמ”ד גזברות קטי עמרם
עקב המצב, יחידת רישום וקבלה של המכללה האקדמית ע”ש קיי אינה מקבלת קהל

About us

Kaye College is the leading academic institution for teacher education and professional development of educators in the south of Israel, serving both the Jewish and Bedouin populations in the Negev area.

Our goal is to provide students with advanced academic knowledge, broad practical experience, competencies and skills to integrate themselves into the changing future of the educational system in Israel.

At present there are 4.000 Jewish and Bedouin students studying in various college departments. Students earn a B.Ed. degree and teacher certificate, for teaching from kindergarten to high school in a wide range of specializations (Humanities, Science, Math, English, Special Education, Early Childhood Education, Physical Education, Art Education and Informal Education). Also, a pre-academic setting enables Jewish and Bedouin youngsters to earn the matriculation diploma


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