The School of Advanced Studies – M.Ed

Dr. Olzan Goldstein

Dr. Olzan Goldstein, Head of the School

The School of Advanced Studies – M.Ed

The School of Advanced Studies is an expanding school that offers five graduate programs for practicing teachers: Educational Counseling, Learning and Instruction, Physical Education and Sports for Excluded and at Risk Communities,  Education in the Era of ICT, and a Master’s Degree in Teaching (M. Teach).

The M. Ed. Programs cater the needs of academic professional development for teachers in the southern part of Israel and beyond. Teachers from across the system K-12, special education and physical education teachers, Jewish and Arab students all participate in our programs and study together.

We enable our students to become producers of knowledge in their different areas of specialization, and to influence the schools and the systems they are part of. Our graduates have been gaining excellent reputation in their communities for being knowledgeable and proactive professionals. The Educational counselors serve the needs of schools in the area, especially in the Bedouin educational system.

* Currently, all M.Ed. programs are offered in Hebrew

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